Hello and Welcome to my website!

I’m an amateur photographer with a life long passion for the art of photography. While just about anything is fair game, I enjoy landscape photography the most.  Some of my best times and photo opportunities happen when I’m able to take my wife and 3 little dogs in the motorhome and head out for the Eastern Sierra.

As far as gear is concerned, yes, I do have some.  It’s taken awhile, but I’ve finally moved away from DSLR’s and have gone completely mirrorless, specifically Micro Four Thirds (M43). In addition to my Panasonic GX8 I have an Olympus E-M5.  And, although it’s not a M43 camera I also use a Panasonic FZ1000, probably the most versatile camera I have ever owned.

While I do believe that photography is about the photographers vision rather than expensive gear, having nice stuff does help!

If I have any advice to give it would be this – It’s All About the Light!  So, get your ass out of bed and catch those golden rays!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit!

It’s me at the Alabama Hills with my faithful Olympus E-P3

** Photo credit, my loving and patient wife Aggie!

Photography, Plain & Simple!