Hello and Welcome to my website! 
I’m an amateur photographer with a life long love affair with photography.  While I have lots of experience, I still have lots to learn.  That’s one of the things I love about photography.
 Over the years I’ve used everything from old 126 Kodak film cameras to Medium Format cameras and now various types of Digital camera.
 While I love all of the gear, I am also a firm believer that it’s the photographer that makes the image, the camera is just a tool.  Some tools are easier to use than others, but they are all tools.
Speaking of tools, I’ve slowly been making some changes to mine.  I find myself drifting away from DSLR’s and all of the large pieces of supporting stuff that goes along with them in favor of smaller, lighter alternatives.  Specifically I’ve made a move to the Micro Four Thirds format, and am loving it!  
 Please take a few minutes to look around, check out my blog.  Leave a note to let me know you were here or ask a question and I’ll do my best to answer it!
 I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web.

** Photo Credit – my loving and patient wife, Aggie