Silver Lake Reflections

Just Love Black and White!

I just love black and white.  It really speaks to me!  Guess it’s the artsy-fartsy in me.  I’ve written about it in a previous post and want to talk a little more about it now.

Cabin in Sepia

The image above was converted to toned black and white in Photoshop.  I was attempting to create the feeling of an old forgotten photo, one that you might pull out of a shoe box.

It’s really hard for me to say what it is exactly that draws me to black & white.  It could be that it takes me back in time, to a period when there were no color televisions (at least in the neighborhood where I grew up), and any pictures that we had developed were in black and white.  When color did start showing up, it wasn’t anywhere near the vivid HD color we have today.  Everything was much simpler then.


I think black and white done properly, can convey a mood or emotion much better than the same image would in color.  There’s something about the subtle variations in the tone, or in certain images, the dramatic differences between the dark areas and the highlights.  Looking at the image above of McGee Creek, do you get a sense of quiet or isolation?  For me, I think it really helps direct my attention to the flowing creek, and the wonderful sounds that it makes.  The dark forest acts as a vignette, framing the creek perfectly.

Silver Lake Reflections

I’m going to end this post with the image above of Silver Lake.  While I must admit that this one really pops in color, I think it’s equally as good in black and white.  Using Photoshop and blending many different layers of black and white, I was able to achieve this.  It’s my simplistic attempt to try and get close to what I’ve seen and admired in Ansel Adams’ timeless work.  So, what do you think?

That’s it for now.  Until next time, Happy Shooting!