Blue Angels Breakaway

The Way Things Work Out.

It’s funny how things work out. With regards to photography, I’ve always considered myself a landscape photographer. Not that I don’t enjoy other subjects, its just that landscapes are my favorite. That seems to have changed lately. Landscapes have temporarily taken a backseat to aviation photography, specifically air shows.

Since the beginning of 2014, I have attended 3 air shows, and paid extra for special photographers access at 2 of them. There’s just something about the vintage WWII planes that I can’t get enough of, and the icing on the cake this year was the appearance of the Blue Angels at the LA County Air Show and the F-22 Raptor at the Planes of Fame Air Show (I know, these aren’t vintage WWII planes, but pretty special just the same).

Since the Planes of Fame Air Show in early May, I have captured literally thousands of frames of these planes. Now that isn’t to say that they are all keepers, quite the contrary. When I’m sitting down at the computer I’m carefully reviewing each one, and have deleted hundreds so far. Mostly because they are not in sharp focus. Since I tend to use a relatively slow shutter speed for the propeller planes (gotta catch that prop blur) my keeper rate can be low.

If you follow me at all on Facebook or Google+ you know that I like to give the WWII planes a vintage touch. I start out in photoshop, but most of the vintage look and feel is done with OnOne Perfect Effects 8. I love the options that are available, especially the ability to stack different filters into separate layers, each with its own blending functions. You can easily apply a filter, tweak the blending, and immediately preview your image. On the fly adjustments are quick and simple.

I suppose the message of this post is to flexible. You just never know what direction your photography will take you. At one time (a long time ago) I thought wedding photography was what I wanted to do. I even dabbled in videography for a short time. Air Shows have slowly moved up the favorite ladder for the last 7 or 8 years. As much I enjoy the fast action of the air show, I am looking forward to getting back to the quiet and peacefulness of an early morning landscape.

Here are a few photos from air shows.

That’s if for this post. Stay flexible my friends, you just never know what photo opportunity will present itself.

Until next time, Happy Shooting!!