Mt. Whitney, Eastern Sierra

I’m Back, Again!

I’m back, this time from our annual trip to the Eastern Sierra!  We always look forward to our time in this wonderful area.  Unfortunately there is plenty of clean-up to do, not only on the motorhome, car, and clothes, but also around the house.  It’s always something, and this time is was the backyard sprinkler system.  One of the pipes let go and was shooting water as high as the rooftop.  Luckily we were home, and I was able to get it under control quickly.

With time being spent on the repair work and cleanup I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time on my pictures.  And as usual from a trip like this, I have quite a few to go through.  Because of that this post will be short, kind of a tease of things to come.

Without further ado, here are some photos from the Alabama Hills.  This fantastic area of very unique rock formations sits in the shadow of Mt. Whitney and the Eastern Sierra.  I was lucky enough to be there when a storm was moving in.  The clouds drifting across the Eastern Sierra were simply amazing!

Stay tuned, there will be more to follow!  Until then, Happy Shooting!