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POF Airshow, 2013

The Chino Planes of Fame Airshow for 2013 has come and gone.  It seemed like it was going to take forever for it get here, and now it’s history!

If you’ve followed my posts here or on Facebook or Google Plus, then you know how much I had been looking forward to this show.  Not only for the great photo opportunities, but also because I just love the WWII Warbirds!  And this year was going to be something special, with 6 P-38 Lightning’s on site, and 5 of those in the air flying!  It    was special because there are only 7 P-38’s left in the world that can still fly.

I’ve shared in previous posts my thoughts about how to set up your camera and take pictures at an airshow, so I’m not going to discuss that again (this time anyway).  I am going to say that it’s not easy to come away with that perfect shot.  For the 2 days I was there, I must have taken close to 3,000 pictures.  How many of those are keepers is still to be determined.  Every day I’ve been going through them, and I get pickier as I go, deleting those that aren’t up to snuff (mostly out of focus).

One more thing I want to share, and that is for an airshow, or any other activity or event with fast moving objects, the camera does matter.  That goes against my general feeling that it’s the person behind the camera that makes the photo/image, and I’ll stand by that statement 9 times out of 10.  But in this case you really need a DSLR and a relatively long lens, 200mm to 300mm, minimum.  I’d say that the camera should be capable of at least 5 frames per second, and have enough of a buffer that you don’t get stuck waiting for it to process and store your images and miss shots.  A fast memory card helps too.  I tried to use my Olympus E-P3 (a Micro Four Thirds, Interchangeable Lens Compact) to take some photos of slower moving aircraft and it failed miserably.  While it worked wonderfully for the static displays, it went back in the bag when the show started.

That’s enough of that.  Here are some of the photos that I’ve been sharing on Facebook and Google Plus.  Hope you like them, and until next time – Happy Shooting!

B-25, Planes of Fame Airshow

Above – 1 of 3 B-25’s at the show.  All 3 were in the air!  Olympus E-P3

Sunrise, Planes of Fame Airshow

Above – the Dassault Alpha Jet at Sunrise.  Olympus E-P3

P-38, Glacier Girl

Above, The P-38 Lightning, Glacier Girl.  Canon 60, Tamron 200-500mm Lens.

Pair of P-38's

Above, A Pair of P-38’s.  Canon 60D, Tamron 200-500mm Lens.

Silver Wings

Above, Silver Wings, Wing Walking Team.  Canon 60D, Tamron 200-500mm Lens.

Sleeping Warbirds

Above – Early morning, Warbirds all lined up in a row.  Olympus E-P3, 3 shot HDR image.