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My Favorite Planes

The Chino Planes of Fame Air Show is just around the corner!  Mark May 4th and May 5th in your calendar.  This year should be great, there’s supposed to be 5 P-38’s in the air.

P-38 Lightning

P-38, 23 Skidoo in the hangar at the Chino Planes of Fame Air Museum.

I just love P-38’s!  It was just a few years ago that I was able to see 3 of them in the air at once.  Glacier Girl was one of them, and probably the most famous.  Glacier Girl was the P-38 that was resurrected and dug up from under 260 feet of ice.  You can read about her here – Glacier Girl.

Glacier Girl

The image above of Glacier Girl was taken with my Canon 350, in May of 2007.

Over the years I’ve attended many air shows, and taken thousands of shots.  And every year I come away with a few keepers.  I’m sure this year will be no different.  The only thing new will be the amount of practice I’ve had in shooting fast moving objects.

Another P-38

Another P-38 from the 2007 Chino Planes of Fame Air Show, taken with my Canon 350D.

I’ve shared some of my techniques in previous posts.  The summarize you need to practice your panning, that is following a subject and pressing the shutter and following through.  I usually set the camera to Shutter Priority, and use a slower shutter speed to blur the props. The focus is set to AE Servo (on Canon cameras), so that the subject will stay in focus while it’s moving.

Pair of P-38's

A pair of P-38’s from the 2007 Chino Planes of Fame Air Show, taken with my Canon 350D

Another one of the great things that happens at the Chino Planes of Fame Air Shows are what they call Heritage Flights.  This is when the put some modern aircraft in the air with the vintage warbirds.  Its an awesome sight.  I’ve seen F-18’s in the air with F6F Hellcats, and F-15 Strike Eagles in the air with P-38’s.

Heritage Flight

Heritage Flight with Glacier Girl the P-38, a P-51D Mustang, and an F-15 Strike Eagle.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited and can’t wait for this years show.  I’ve seen 3 P-38’s in the air at once and that was an amazing sight.  I’m pretty sure that 5 P-38’s in the air at once is something you won’t see again anytime soon!

Here’s the link to the Planes of Fame Air Show website.  Check out the days and options.  This year I’m considering the Sunrise Photo Access.  It costs a little bit more but looks like it could be worth it.

That’s it for now.  Let me know if you have any specific questions about photographing an air show.  Until next time – Happy Shooting!