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Camera Porn!?

The title of this post “Camera Porn” isn’t what you may be thinking! What I mean by this is my looking at camera gear online. Even though I have very nice camera gear now (Canon 60D and Sony NEX3) I still find myself straying, looking at new and different gear.

Why would I do this? I’ve shared on this site and some of my others that I really do believe that real photography comes from the individual and isn’t about the gear. The camera is just a tool. Grante, some tools have advantages over others, but in the end it’s still up to you, the photographer to make a great photo. If you’d like another perspective on this, take a look at one of my favorite photo sites – Ken Rockwell.Com  If you click on this link it will take you to Ken’s “It’s Not About Your Camera” page.

Back to the Camera Porn. One of the reasons I like to look is to keep up with current events. Photography has changed so much since I began and it keeps changing. In days gone by, the only time I changed my 35mm camera was because I wore it out or it was broken beyond repair. In todays photography world there are sensor upgrades, image stabilization, high ISO performance improvements, etc… My point is that technology keeps changing and I do want to keep up with it, or at least know about it.

Want to see what I’ve been investigating? Here are a couple of camera’s that have caught my eye:

The Samsung NX210 is a 20.3MP Mirrorless Digital Camera.  It has a 18-55mm Lens, HD 1080p Video, 3D Panorama, i-Function 2.0, 8 Frames Per Second,  and 3″ AMOLED Display.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 is a 16.05MP Micro 4/3 Digital Camera with 3″ Free Angle LCD, 1920 x 1080 60i HD Video, Mega OIS, Touch Screen Control, and Dolby Stereo Sound w/Video.

Both of these camera’s have favorable professional reviews, and also very good user reviews. The reason I’m interested in them is the same as my reason for purchasing my Sony NEX3, portability and image quality.  There are times when it’s quite a chore to carry my Canon 40D or 60D and iassociated accessories on a hike in the Eastern Sierra. Add to that a tripod capable of handling this equipment and I have more weight than I care to contend with. Being able to scale everything down has definite advantages, mobility being on of those! I really like to go lite and move quickly, and lugging around full size DSLR’s doesn’t always work for that.

The nice thing is that you don’t have to take my word for it! Here are some places you can go if you’re interested in reviewing these camera’s for your self:

Samsung NX210 , Panasonic GH2 and here’s one of the 1st places I go for reviews and information – DP Review , and finally here’s the link to Ken Rockwell’s site.  All of these sites have great information on specific camera’s and a lot of other gear and accessories.  Take a few minutes and check it out, you’ll find some fantastic Camera Porn!

Until next time – Happy Shooting!