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Getting to Know You!

One of the things I love about the Eastern Sierra is how familiar it has become.  In some ways, it almost feels like I’m going home every time my wife and I head out and up.

Silver Lake Reflections

The scene above was taken during my month long vacation last September/October.  During that time I was able to walk along the lake every day.

Although I’ve been to the Eastern Sierra many, many times, it was during my last visit that I really began to feel connected to the area.  There were patterns that I began to notice, such as when the sun would rise above the tall mountain peaks and bathe the lake with beautiful golden light.  Another pattern was the mist that would rise on the water shortly after sunrise, every morning.  I found this knowledge very helpful when planning my photo outings.

Every morning I would walk along the lake with my 2 Cairn Terriers.  They were always eager companions, and we had a lot of fun.  I always had a camera with me, and they were very patient when we stopped for a picture.

Silver Lake Sunrise

The photo above was just after sunrise, and except for the dogs, I had this scene all to myself.

Silver Lake, Blue Skies

The photo above was taken on one of my many walks along the lake.  This one was taken mid-morning, an hour or so after sunrise.  In addition to the beautiful scenery, fishermen were out on the lake, adding an interesting element.

Stormy Skies, Silver Lake

The scene above shows how the trees turned into their Fall Colors.  There is also an early Eastern Sierra snow storm brewing.

Getting to know this small piece of the Eastern Sierra allowed me to begin to understand what a wonderful place it is.  Although I had always thought I knew that, I really paid more attention to the details this time.  Maybe it was because I had enough time and wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere.  I was already there!  When I was out on my walks, I would really try to stop and take it all in, trying to live in the moment.

As for cameras, I did mention that I always had one with me.  I brought 5 cameras with me, and it really didn’t matter which one I used for my daily walks.  Sometimes I would bring my Canon 60D, other times it would be my 10 + year old Sony F707.  It wasn’t about the camera, and I really didn’t care if I had 16 mega-pixels available or just 5.  My intent was to simply capture the moment, and if I was lucky, maybe even a little of the emotion that I felt.

My hope in sharing this with you is to get you to slow down, take it in (wherever you may be), and live the moment.  If you have a camera with you, use it.  Try to capture the feelings you have for that special place and if you’re lucky, others with feel it too when you share your images with them.

That’s it for now.  If you’d like, share that special place with us here.  Tell us why it was special and what you were feeling when you tried to capture that moment.

Until next time, Happy Shooting!